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Harness the power of social media to find new prospects via Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Break through the treacherous Facebook ad approvals

Navigate Ad Approvals

Stay Out of  Facebook Jail

Utilize our Facebook experts to break through the perils of Facebook advertising to get ads approved and serving!

Ad Approvals Guranteed

Facebook Ad Approvals in Days

Let us work our magic to get your ad approvals to ensure your ads are served and seen on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook for Retargeting

Grow with Dynamic Facebook Ads

Bring your brand top of mind to your prospective purchasers with Facebook Ads for CBD brands.

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Work with our specialized team for CBDeebly on Facebook and Instagram.

Serve CBD Ads On Facebook

With over 1.5 billion users, Facebook is a wonderful place to reach lots of people and hone in with targeting for your niche.

Get the insider knowledge to get your ads approved on Facebook so you aren’t banging your head against a wall with disapprovals. 

Partner with us to ‘Grow’ your CBD brand to the next level.




72 hours

Average time to approve CBD ads

Located in

Denver, CO


96% approval

No more headaches with disapprovals!

Our clients typically see over


in ROAS after 90 days.

Use all the Facebook ad tactics to achieve top results

Conversion Ads

Carousel Ads


Video Ads

Retarget Ads

Make your CBD site ready for

Facebook & Google Ads

With so many rules to follow (and so many companies breaking the rules) it’s nearly impossible to navigate the waters of Facebook Advertising.


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